Gyroplane - the safest aircraft

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What is a gyroplane?

Gyroplane, gyrocopter - flying car of the future. It's a hybrid of an airplane and helicopter. Looks like a small helicopter but it's not. The main difference between helicopter and gyroplane is that the main rotor is powered through the air (autorotate) and not through the engine.
The rotor of a gyroplane is your wing, and it generates lift and control because it is autorotating. This rotation is generally independent of airspeed and angle of attack, so a gyroplane cannot stall. If you fly the aircraft slower than its minimum flying speed, the aircraft will simply descend without any abrupt break and with no loss of rotor control power.
The gyro plane can descent nearly vertically and needs just a few meters to land (10-70m). In case of emergency gyrocopter provides more safety options than a regular aircraft.

Main advantages

  • The safest aicraft
  • It's easy to pilot
  • It's less expensive than helicopter, about 30% of the aquisition and operating costs of a helicopter
  • It's easy to maintain
  • Extremely low speed possible
  • Even in strong winds and turbulence, comfort and safety
  • Large speed range
  • No stalling
  • Minimum storage required
  • High comfort level
  • No spin

Cannot take off vertically.

Kokpit wiatrakowca AutoGyro
Wiatrakowiec AutoGyro

What are the uses of gyroplanes?

It is used by the business as it's easy and fast.

The usage of gyroplane varies. It can be used by power plants to scan power lines or gas pipelines.

It is also used in agriculture to scan plants, to precisly determine dosage of fertilizers. It is also used by military to patrol the area and search for missing people.